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A study by the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit found that:

  • There are 1.2 million incidents of alcohol-related violence per year.
  • 40% of A&E admissions are alcohol-related.
  • Rising to 70% between the hours of midnight and 5AM.
  • This costs the NHS £1.7 billion per year.

This is our son, he is not a hooligan, nor was he drunk.
He was working at the time and tried to assist and protect a female colleague.

Every year thousands of people are bottled in the UK.

This affects everybody in this country, if you have a family you will have brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, etc.
Don't let this happen to someone you love, help us to change the law.

See Blake's video here.

Pop-campaign is a petition to get glass banned from late night city centre bars and clubs.
In 2004 on Christmas Eve, Blake Golding was working at in Bar Me, Central Milton Keynes. After helping a female colleague in an incident he was attacked with a glass bottle which left him fighting for his life. He lost over 4 pints of blood and had his face and throat slashed. Whilst Blake survived this horrific ordeal, he has been left permanently scarred both physically and mentally.

In 2005 his family, set up pop-campaign. A petition to see glass banned from late night city centre bars & clubs. They did not want this happening again, to anyone. They started working with local police, councils, drinking venues and word soon spread of this campaign. People were signing the petition from all around the country in the 000's and The Goldings were and are still asked today to attend police, council and safe drinking events and meetings throughout the UK.

Many towns and cities have been moved by the campaign and since implemented bans themselves. Places such as Hull have seen a reduction in incidents meaning many lives saved as well as millions in taxpayers' money.

After 7 long years of campaigning and working hard, pop-campaign was finally able to go to Downing Street in December 2012 to present over 115,000 signatures. However, even though this has been done and a parliamentary debate has been requested this still might not happen. Pop-campaign has therefore created a back-up petition in case they need to go back fighting which they will do. Please help by either signing for the first time or re-signing if you signed the original petition and help to save lives.

Be part of changing the law - sign & share the petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43147

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After the loss of four pints of blood, a transfusion and four hours in surgery to stitch his face inside and out and neck wound, missing his jugular by half an inch.

The information and pictures you have seen occurred in the early hours of Christmas Day, 2004. This went to Crown Court in June 2005, the sentence passed was two years in prison, the sentence served was seven months. We thought Britain was in the process of tackling and clamping down on anti-social behaviour.